The Corptax Loan-staff Advantage

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The Corptax Loan-staff Advantage Immediate assistance – no learning curve required

An Extension of Your Team

New tax laws, huge workloads, and staffing issues can push any tax team to the brink. When you need help in a hurry, CSC Corptax ® loan-staffing is your logical step. As Tax and Corptax experts, we jump right in wherever needed.

Provide cost-effective help without long-term commitments

• • •

Ensure you maintain momentumwith total security Set you up for independence going forward

Help you keep tax work in-house


Fully Leverage Your Software

From daily work to special projects, we tailor our loan-staffing services to your requirements. We cover:

Compliance— federal, international, and state

Provision— quarterly and annual

Automation, analytics, and tax planning

System setup and data gathering

Corptax not only gets it done, they make sure we understand it, so we can do it ourselves going forward.” — Scott Wickert, Reynolds Consumer Product “


Compliance—Federal and International

Our federal compliance experts assist with every facet of your return:

Corptax international compliance gurus provide a world of help:

Import GL data, tie out/reconcile data, post adjustments Provide book-to tax-workpapers reports Consolidate standard and mixed returns Perform e-file set-up and diagnostic review/resolution

Update ownership and historical E&P records Import GL data, post E&P adjustments

• • •

Source international amounts Run calculations and review diagnostics and reports

Provide International form prep and e-file assistance



State compliance can be complicated for multistate companies handling fast-changing rules. We swing into action day-one:

• • •

Load and reconcile state apportionment data

Upload and enter state modifications Prepare separate, combined, and consolidated returns Review and resolve state e-file errors

Corptax is definitely my first choice for loan staffing help. All assigned state returns were finished on time, even with my incomplete workpapers. —Mira Pugh, Planar Systems “


Quarterly and Annual Provision

We help you prep, process, and analyze provision quickly and knowledgeably.

• • •

Perform provision rollover

Import and post data from data sources Run reports and generate analytics

We used Corptax Professional Service several times, and we’re always impressed with their knowledge, accessibility, and willingness to partner to get the answer we need.” — Allison Browning, FPL


Automation, Analytics, and Tax Planning

We help you maximize automation and use real-time analytics to support data-driven planning. Connect to and use data in Alteryx, Power Query, Power BI, and more.

• •

Identify automation opportunities

Create custom analytics using your data

• Produce needs-based planning scenarios for state, federal, and international work • Implement process automation and robotics (BOTS) solutions


System Setup and Data Gathering

We implement best-practice process automation across all aspects of setup and data collection.

Maintain and update master data: entities through adjustments

Achieve system readiness: rollover and updates

Perform trial balance validation and import


The Corptax Professional Services Competitive Edge

Tax, business process, and Corptax authorities to the core—we’ve seen and solved it all. Our consultants hold advanced degrees in accounting, taxation, business administration, and tax law—and assist hundreds of customers annually. Plus, our deep connection to companywide talent, including software development, tax law analysts, and customer support, sets our loan-staff apart. With us, you get a holistic service experience—no details or deadlines missed.


Manage staff storages and heavy workloads

Get the help you need for the time frame you want—at a great value.

Start by requesting a complimentary conversation to explore your requirements and get a quote.

Contact Kim Bailey at 410.916.1692


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